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ALM Project Management Services

Thanks to my extended network, I can provide Banks and Corporates with highly effective project managers.
I am also directly supervising and supporting them all along the project with regular Training and Development courses.

ALM Project Management: Projets

Regulatory Diagnostic Support

Stress Tests (EBA,PRA,FINMA, CCAR)

Review & Evaluation Process (SREP)

Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment (ICAAP)

Internal Liquidity Adequacy Assessment (ILAAP)

Balance Sheet & Capital Management

Capital & Balance Sheet Optimization

Risk Weighted Asset (RWA) Projection & Optimization

Business Unit Analysis & Strategy

Profitability & Risk Attribution Analysis

Data & Financial Modeling

Data Analysis & Visualization

Financial Modeling

Model Assessment & Validation

Data Infrastructure & Governance

Enterprise Risk Management

Risk Governance & Risk Appetite Frameworks

Credit & Counterparty Risks Management

Liquidity Risk Management

Operational Risk Management

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