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Advisory Services

Talmis Sarl will provide you with advisory services in the following fields

Advisory Services: Services
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Treasury & Investments

Excess Liquidity Optimization
Cash & Money Markets
Repos / Reverse Repos
FX Swaps
Collateral for IM & VM

ALM Portfolio Investments
HQLA Optimization
Credit Selection
Financial Products Selection
Micro Hedging Strategies OTC & ETDs

Balance Sheet Management

Finance, Risk, ALM & Tsy Governance
ALCO Investment Framework
ALCO Pack Design & Enhancement
ALCO Participation
Macroeconomic Research
Macro Strategy
Annual Rating Review (Fitch & Moody’s)
Balance Sheet Optimization
Basel Ratios (Group & Local*)
Net Interest Income
Projects Governance & Supervision
Benchmarking versus Peers (S/A A)

Treasury & ALM All in One Design*
Cash & Collateral Management
ALM Portfolio Management
Balance Sheet Management

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Enterprise Risk Management

Overall Risk Tolerance Definition
Interest Rate Risk Management
Credit Risk Management
Counterparty Risk Management
Liquidity Risk Management
Funding Risk Management
FX Risk Management
Operational Risk Management

ALM Portfolio Credit Selection & Reviews

Supporting you in assessing credit metrics of each individual issuer held in your ALM Portfolio with timeliness and accuracy in order to achieve 0 default

Level 1 & Level 2A - SSAs AAA/AA/A - Annual Review

Level 2A - Corps AAA/AA - Semi Annual Review

Level 2B - Corps A/BBB - Quarterly Review

Illiquid - EM AA/A/BBB - Quarterly Review

Illiquid - HY BB/B - Quarterly Review

Illiquid - Private Debt - Quarterly Review

Illiquid - Private Equity - Quarterly Review

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